Country: Austria
Passenger cars below 3.5t - urban roads: 50 km/h
Passenger cars below 3.5t - non-urban roads: 100 km/h
Passenger cars below 3.5t - expressways: 130 km/h
Passenger cars below 3.5t - motorways: 130 km/h
Vehicle registration plates: A
Maximum blood alcohol content - Standard drivers: < 0,5 ‰
(from 0.8 ‰, withdrawal of driving licence)
Maximum blood alcohol content - Novice drivers: 0,1 ‰
(less than 2 years' driving experience)
Maximum blood alcohol content - Professional drivers: 0,1 ‰
Daytime running lights: Headlamp is mandatory even during daylight hours, but only for motorcycles and mopeds

Seat belts

The use of seat belts and child seats is MANDATORY.

Seat belts are not compulsory for:

  • drivers while reversing or parking
  • people whose shape prevents them from using seat belts
  • drivers of emergency or official vehicles
  • taxi driver on duty
  • regular services below 100 km
  • seriously physically disabled children, if transported in the back seat
  • children transported in ambulances or public safety vehicles, if sitting in the back seat.
  • children transported in taxis, if sitting in the back seat

Traffic lights

No information

Safety helmet not mandatory


Safety helmet mandatory

Bicycles (Only for children)
Motorcycles with/without a sidecar
Light and heavy tricycles
Light and heavy quadricycles

Safety equipment for cars

First-aid kit
Warning triangle
Reflective jacket vest

Bike safety equipment


Winter tyres

Mandatory use of winter tyres

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Last update: 12/8/2015
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