Country: Bulgaria
Passenger cars below 3.5t - urban roads: 50 km/h
Passenger cars below 3.5t - non-urban roads: 90 km/h
Passenger cars below 3.5t - expressways: 120 km/h
Passenger cars below 3.5t - motorways: 140 km/h
Vehicle registration plates: BG
Maximum blood alcohol content - Standard drivers: 0,0 ‰
Maximum blood alcohol content - Novice drivers: 0,0 ‰
Maximum blood alcohol content - Professional drivers: 0,0 ‰
Daytime running lights: Daytime running lights are mandatory even during daylight hours

Seat belts

The use of seat belts and child restraint systems is MANDATORY (Directive 91/671/EEC as amended).

The use of seat belts is not compulsory for:

  • pregnant women;
  • persons whose physical status does not allow the use of safety belt;
  • taxi drivers when transporting passengers;
  • driving school instructors when driving a car for training purpose.

Traffic lights

The red light is preceded by an amber light at which the driver has to stop, except if the car is too close to the signalling device and cannot stop safely.

Safety helmet not mandatory


Safety helmet mandatory

Motorcycles with/without a sidecar
Light and heavy tricycles
Light and heavy quadricycles

Safety equipment for cars

reflective vest
warning triangle
first-aid kit
fire extinguisher

Bike safety equipment

On public roads, each bicycle must be fitted with:

Working brakes
Warning bell
White or yellow lamp at the front and a red reflector (or a red light) at the back
White or yellow reflectors on both sides of the wheels
Cyclists are obliged to drive as close as possible to the right border of a traffic lane
Reflective vest (outside built-up areas, and at night/in poor visibility)

Winter tyres


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