Country: Croatia
Passenger cars below 3.5t - urban roads: 50 km/h
Passenger cars below 3.5t - non-urban roads: 90 km/h
Passenger cars below 3.5t - expressways: 130 km/h
Passenger cars below 3.5t - motorways: 130 km/h
Vehicle registration plates: HR
Maximum blood alcohol content - Standard drivers: 0,5 ‰
Maximum blood alcohol content - Novice drivers: 0,0 ‰
Maximum blood alcohol content - Professional drivers: 0,0 ‰
Daytime running lights: Mandatory for motorcycles and mopeds
Mandatory for other vehicles during winter time (after the clocks go back in autumn and before they go forwards in spring), but not during summer time

Seat belts

The use of seat belts and child seats is MANDATORY.
People may be exempt for medical reasons.

Traffic lights

No information

Safety helmet not mandatory

Bicycles (mandatory for children up to 16)

Safety helmet mandatory

Motorcycles with/ without a sidecar
Light and heavy tricycles
Light and heavy quadricycles

Safety equipment for cars

First-aid kit
Warning triangle
Reflective vest in the car
Spare bulbs (except for cars with xenon, neon or LED bulbs)

Bike safety equipment


Winter tyres

On major roads, winter equipment is mandatory between 15 November and 15 April, regardless of weather conditions. All motor vehicles (weighing less than 3.5 t) must use winter tyres (M+S) on all wheels, or summer tyres with minimum tread depth of 4 mm + have snow chains in the vehicle, ready to use on powered wheels.

Buses and heavy goods vehicles must use snow chains on powered wheels or winter tyres (M+S).

On other roads, winter tyres (M+S) (or snow chains) are mandatory in winter conditions, when the road is covered with snow or ice.

Busses and heavy goods vehicles must carry snow chains or have winter tyres (M&S) fitted on powered wheels. Studded tyres are not allowed.

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