Country: Hungary
Passenger cars below 3.5t - urban roads: 50 km/h
Passenger cars below 3.5t - non-urban roads: 90 km/h
Passenger cars below 3.5t - expressways: 110 km/h
Passenger cars below 3.5t - motorways: 130 km/h
Vehicle registration plates: H
Maximum blood alcohol content - Standard drivers: 0,0 ‰
Maximum blood alcohol content - Novice drivers: 0,0 ‰
Maximum blood alcohol content - Professional drivers: 0,0 ‰
Daytime running lights: Daytime running lights are mandatory even during daylight hours
Mandatory only outside built-up areas

Seat belts

The use of seat belts and child seats is MANDATORY

Seat belts are not compulsory for:

  • drivers when reversing
  • taxi drivers on duty
  • patients in an ambulance
  • passengers on public transport in urban areas
  • passengers in long-distance buses with places for standing passengers
  • children under 3 in buses
  • people exempt for medical reasons

Child seats are compulsory for children under 3 and shorter than 150 cm

Child seats are not compulsory for:

  • children over 3 and taller than 135 cm, if the car's normal seat belt fits for their size
  • children travelling in a taxi, ambulance, police car or bus that is allowed to transport standing passengers
  • children exempt for medical reasons

Traffic lights

Amber light precedes the red light: stop unless you are already too close to stop safely when the light changes.

Safety helmet not mandatory

Bicycles (Mandatory only outside built-up areas, at speeds higher than 50 km/h)
Light and heavy quadricycles (Mandatory where the maximum design speed is above 20 km/h)

Safety helmet mandatory

Motorcycles with/without a sidecar
Light and heavy tricycles

Safety equipment for cars

Warning triangle

Bike safety equipment

Front and rear lights
Orange spoke reflectors
Helmet (only over 50 km/h outside built-up areas)
Reflective vest (outside built-up areas, at night/ in poor visibility).

Winter tyres


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